Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2018

Time for a bit of fun, hopping  around the participating blogs collecting the letters, figuring out the word or phrase to take back to the beginning, which is also the end and see if you can win the treasure at the centre of  Jo over at serendipitousstitching. s anual Easter Eggstravagansa

Given we are hopping I am going with a bunny again this year 

It is a cover kit from Crazy, the grass is in one strand the bunny and watering can in two. They were fine to do (well it did have in the middle of the stitches backstitching but it looks so caracterful that was forgiven), but the sky, half stitch in either two or one strand of the same shade of blue and my eyes just got totally and utterly lost on the colour pattern.  Half stitches require rewiring of my brain trying to work out were to go and how to get back so differently from the full cross stitch.  So I will tell you a secret...Shsss just between you and me.....

I said ah! fed up with this, gave up even trying to follow the pattern and just lobbed in random stitches till the space looked sort of filled.  I will probably get away with it as long as the designer (Margaret Sherry) is not participating, she would be sure to notice.

Cross stitch bunny and watering can

The frame is almost the letter you need but my wonderful (or not) camera skills have flattened it out a bit so I shall make it a bit smaller and clearer.

Now you have my letter off you hop to 



Good luck and Happy Easter

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