Sunday, 30 June 2019

Sunday Stitching add on

So you may recall I added a second Ed to my Sunday Stitching and noted it had a deadline so would get more attention.

Well here it is with the stitching all finished.

And the deadline, well it was one with some uncertainty too it and a level of flexibility.  On one hand it has slightly passed and you can guess what it related to by the Ed.  And on the other hand it is tomorrow (it should have been Wednesday but something else came up for me which makes it tomorrow instead.

So the dilemma, whilst the stitching is finished the item is not, not framed that is and of course being me I forgot to make any clear decisions about that, was it to be a card or a picture.

Having worked to a finish I am now too mentally pooped to start sorting that out.  So do I take the stitching in, show the intended recipient and:

A) Give it to her and let her frame it as she sees fit.  (She is into crafts and might enjoy that)
B) Ask her id she wants me to wait till there is a name to add along with date ect and arrange to get it to her after that.
C) Other sudden inspirational thought as the last min! Or if she reads this (might happen) and makes a comment!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Quick bags

theses were fast easy and satisfying to make.

I had some gifted material, I trimmed it so it was even, folded it in half then cut it in four with the fold at the bottom.

Sewed up the sides. leaving the fold for the bottom.

Hemmed the tops.

Used the material I had cut off to make the eight handles.

Stitched them on and hey presto! Four useful little bags.

They are not lined as they are just a nice basic bag and the material was strong enough on its own.

Little update, and then there were three..gave one away and it is off having a useful life.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Sunday Stitchings, more Ed

and a touch of sky.

there would have been some blue in the other pattern too, but I will have to go back to my stash for that shade. Yes another one not on the card!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Gifted gorgeousness link up

I am sharing gifts I have received this month of crafts I have as yet never tried.

Firstly page folding, I am sure it will have a proper name, so if you know it please enlighten me in the comments.

This is a joint effort, the couple who gifted this to me work together, the husband does the page folding that creates the words and or image on the edge of the book.  His lovely wife (who's main crafting delight is card making) decorates the book, covering up the books original cover and title.

I can't see me ever trying this, I have a deeply ingrained respect for books that would make doing this feel very uncomfortable.  It is however very nice to be the recipient of all that effort.

The second item is a note card. as you can see this was purchased by my friend and I do not know if it is commercially mass produced or if it is hand made. (Again if any of you are able to say that would be good).  However it is a craft I have admired on a regular basis, and the thought of giving it a go is pleasant.   

I dare not try something new, I have so much in the planning stage, the patterns bought and the materials ready or indeed the tools collected to add on anything new.

Oh it is pretty.

Thanks to both my work colleagues and my pen pal respectively for theses lovely crafty gifts.

Now if you did not arrive here from Jo's Serendipitous stitching then  click her to see more link ups

Sunday Stitching dual update

So Fathers Day and the talks at church were suitably themed.

I was, as planned working on both Ed's again today.

Mostly on two lots of tweeding. (blended threads) Unfortunately I lost the game of tweeding thread chicken on the pattern on the left with only three more stitches to go!

Ah well!

at least there is progress.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Sunday stitching and a decision of sorts

well last I left this I was trying to stem my annoyance and frustration  at the thread bundle supplied with the booklet of patterns not containing all of the required threads.

I am still stemming...

I was also trying to make up my mind about pausing the Ed I was doing to start another that has a recipient in mind.

At the moment I have decided to work them together as there are some blended (tweeded) threads they both share and it feels less of a fuss to do the tweeding on both than on one .

So some progress on Ed 1 (blushing cheeks) completed during the week when I was thinking of changing Sunday Stitching focus has been added to with some tweeding and Ed2 has been started with the same.

Happily this went well, and I could focus on the sacrament talks and it put me in a relaxed and happy frame of mind for the Relief Society lesson...which was just as well as I was teaching it this week.

Bits-A-Quilt construction

Making a Bits -A -Quilt is a bit like a material jigsaw puzzle. Only with no picture to follow and only the rules you set for yourself.

I try to just sew together edges that fit.  Not make decisions on the fabric or the colour just the bits as they are generated from quilting projects or whatever results in a scrap in my designated scrap bag. (although occasional I do limit the colours in the first place like with the blue and white bits-a- quilt)

As those joined bits grow, so the quilt grows and the nature of the puzzle changes and I am trying to find the bit not only to fit a particular edge but to bring blocks to a size they will sew to another block and make the top start to take shape.

I don't always generate a lot of scraps from a project, at least not what I would call a scrap anyway.  So my puzzle pieces get added slowly, get sewn when the machine is out to play for another project and there is no rush.  Remembering where the fabric came from is all part of the process for me.

Anyway today I had the opportunity to lay out the current bits, take a look , do a bit of edge matching, a it of sewing and then pop it all back in the bag till next time.

I currently have only one (well other than bits-a-quilts of which I have two) quilt in progress and that is the sampler quilt, where I am not designating anything as a scrap till it is all done as I might need it. So scrapage in general is slow.

So these are the current bits laid out for the multi coloured one, before I did the little bit of putting together today. The other one may take even longer as I am trying to restrict that one to yellow and white, so there are not always any bits to add.

This one still has a ways to go, mind having said that they appear to feel like that for a very long time and then it seams that all of a sudden they all fit and a top is done.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Not quite able to handle it

Making a bag from the scraps of converting my patchwork duvet cover into a patchwork quilt

I had some grey from the envelope fold and some bits and pieces form the striped material that the new edge came from.

I was thinking of a simple bag that the finished quilt could live in when not in use.

Of course me, being me, I complicated it up a bit.

Then when it came to the gusset I sewed it right side to wrong side and had to un-pick it .  I think that is were I started to loose momentum.

I managed to finish the bag, I even got the lining in.  However making and putting on the handles was just too much for the available sewing time in one day.

So for the moment it is a a bag in waiting....waiting for handles,  not too sure what form or style they will take.  Hoping to get them out of the few bits of material I have left without cutting into the larger piece.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday stitching..the next threads

Well I did manage to be sufficiently organised as to have the next two threads ready for today, and I used them too.

It feels rather nice to be making progress, I have checked and the next three colours I would be jumping off from here are there, so next week should be fine.  Mind I am thinking of pausing this and swapping to another project from the book.  Why?  Well this one is an on spec, just because  however the one I am thinking of swapping to would have an set destination and there are only a few weeks before it would be due.  Or I might just work both, one at home and keep this for Sundays.