Saturday, 6 October 2018

Chorley Postage Stamp Quilt

There is a reason I think of this as a Chorley quilt, it is not a style related to that town nor did I make it there.

However, it is where the material came from.  Not from a quilt shop, not even directly from a fabric shop.

No it came out of a skip, a skip in front of a curtain shop.  They had been refitting and had thrown into the skip several pattern books.

I have mentioned this find before in relation to the second quilt I made from this fabric source hidden-star-hidden-beauty  I asked permission and I took as many of the sample books as my Dad and I could carry.  My Dad did suggest driving back to get them all, I declined, there are times I wish I had not but as I still have fabric to use it was perhaps a good choice.

Postage stamp quilt from re purposed materialThe beauty of a sample book is the various colour ways of the same pattern and also the same colour palette for differing patterns.  I chose for this project to randomly cut strips from the various materials in the sampler book.  Sew the strips together, then cut them into strips (of squares) and join them into blocks.

I will admit that when working the blocks I was a little less random and did make some choices of which strips to use together as I went.

I remain quite happy with the result of the lightweight quilt.  The quilting pattern on it is the closest I have come to a dresden plate so far (there is one ahead in the sampler quilt).

Postage stamp quilt made from curtain sample book

 Here is a closer picture of the squares that make up the quilt.

Close up of postage stamp quilt

And the quilting on as viewed from the back

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