Friday, 21 August 2015

Eddie, an inspiration. (quilting)

I may have mentioned before but the idea of labels for quilts had just not occurred to me until I joined some quilting groups on face book.  I had with a few quilts taken pictures, more rarely I had a photograph of a project in progress (pre-digital era, and as I am not at the cutting edge of technology digital was around a long time before I started using it).

I have made a start a labelling but for me the real light bulb was having pictures of the recipients with their quilts  and this is the picture that started it all.

Mr Eddie S

This is a picture of Eddie.  A friend of my Dad's from bowls.

After downsizing into a bungalow he often preferred to nap in his chair but did not have a blanket the right size.

My Dad asked me if I could make him a quilt, just a little one.

Once he told me the colours in the new room I realised I had just the thing made already.

I had made a quilt (eddie's quilt's big-brother)and had four blocks in logcabin more than I needed so I made a little quilt with them.

So Eddie got a no waiting required quilt and he was very pleased with it and got a lot of use out of it himself and shared it with visiting great-grandchildren who wanted a nap.

Sadly Eddie is no longer with us, his quilt is with his daughter and still keeps visiting younger family members warm.

I love this picture, it keeps my heart warm those days I feel my craft under-appreciated.

I will add a picture of the big version (  well bigger than this one) to the blog once I have a picture of it.
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