Friday, 26 December 2014

A little Pooh!

This is a cover kit, and a dip the toe in the water of a backstitch pattern.  I have seen a ballerina done mainly in backstitch (not quite blackwork, but on a theme).

This was not so bad but I am still a little tentative about moving on to the ballerina.  I would say next year perhaps but that is not all that far away now and I have a feeling it will be quite full enough with projects lingering from this year.

Anyway here is Pooh.


Friday, 19 December 2014

The golden apostrophe

I made this coaster for a lady at work.  She loves not just the drinking of teas but all of the paraphernalia that goes with it.  She delights in tea pots, cream jugs and matching sugar bowls (which is amusing as she does not take sugar) she even finds the act of pouring soothing.

I on the other hand don't do tea, even if the smell of it did not make me feel sick (which it does) it is something my religion prohibits.

In addition to her tea obsession she is a grammar queen and incorrectly placed apostrophes drive her potty.

So a coaster with a tea cup (the only cup for tea she will ever get from me) and an apostrophe in gold, just the thing.



Sunday, 14 December 2014

From Christmas plate to Nativity light

I shared some plates decorated for Christmas using paper napkins and glue.

These lanterns made from glass jars use the same basic technique to a different effect.

The outside of the jars have been coated with one layer of white napkin. Then a silhouette of ordinary black paper added over the top.

In normal light, no candles.

A bit of ribbon with festive Christmas bells for a bit of colour, pop in a tea light (theses have one of the small battery powered ones you can get with a flickering flame effect (much safer).

Using the flash, candles lit.

Theses pictures do not do justice to the effect theses simple decorations give.

No flash, candles lit

Saturday, 6 December 2014

On the sxith day of Christmas..the

advent blog hop comes to me

And I get to share my Christmas stitching.  Now to be honest I am not a prolific Christmas stitcher and most of the things I have stitched on this theme have already had an outing in my blog last year, so to join in the advent blog hop I finished off a gift kit from CrossStitcher, issue 194, I made a small start on it and stalled with only the red section and a stitch or two of little pale yellow sewn.

It is one of those designs that looks like nothing without the backstitching, but it had very annoying backstitching for all the difference it made, quarter and half square lengths, backstitching into the middle of a stitch, but I guess worth it.

It came with its own picture mount, I have shown it here, but I am not 100% convinced, there is something about the roof in roof that does not sit quite right for me.  Nor am I sure about that star.  I have a tiny design for a Santa and sleigh I think might fit.  Mulling it over for now. 

In addition to the sharing of some Christmas themed sewing, Jo the hostess with the most-est, for this hop has also set a theme of sorts, she asked that we talk about our best gift. I have been thinking about that a lot.  I have received many wonderful, thoughtful and completely me gifts over the years.  Gifts that made me smile, laugh, brought tears of joy to my eyes and warmed my heart.  Can I pick a single one, no I can't.

I can however think of two gifts given at Christmas and the joy that I felt in others pleasure.
Each gift was for a little boy, neither of whom are blood family but who as children of good friends felt as if they were.  Each given a very different gift and each with a different response.

I asked the first youngsters dad what the child might like for Christmas, anything to do with castles was the reply.  Now as this child was one of four and friends must be careful not to overstep at this time of year I have always set myself  a firm budget for the gifts.  I could not find a castle within the budget.  However, I did find a set of knights that came with a plastic castle gate and portcullis.

Castle from a box with plastic portcullis
The day before I was due to visit, it suddenly occurred to me that I could put the gate into the side of a strong box and make a castle.  Cardboard box, bits of cardboard, pipe lagging, glue,paint and a little later I had a castle with turrets ramparts and a keep.  Fortunately for me it dried by the next morning and was hastily wrapped with its selection of Knights and Cowboys and Indians (which came with the ground sheet) inside the castle walls.

He said not a word as he carefully, slowly opened it, his eyes fixed he placed it on the floor and began placing the knights. Totally focused, he was in his new world and the rest of us slid out of existence. Success.

The second was a bought gift, a spaceship from the Early Learning Centre, complete with astronauts, astro-dog, space buggy, alien and a toilet! It wrapped large and my BF's son made short work of ripping away the paper.  He bounced and quivered with joy and for the next fifteen minuets as his parents battled away with ties and cardboard flaps to free it from the packaging, exclaimed over and over "thank you, thank you" and "I am so excited" "its the best ever".

It is great doing the giving when you get it just right.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas fair update

So far the Christmas fair with raffle and sale of goods has raised over  £1300.  There is some still to be received and counted from the sale of a numerous calender with each month represented by a member of staff.  The union rep for example is in November as Guy Fawkes on top of a bonfire. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas craft fare

Well here it is our works charity craft fare in the aid of SARCOMA UK.

There are the stockings I made, Pink was not the most popular, all the green ones went but two sad pink stockings remained at the end of the day.

I couldn't  get close enough to the area with the hedgehogs to take a picture of the prickle, and by the time I could there were no hedgehogs  to snap.

I'll update on the result once all the money is in and counted.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A small wedding memento (cross-stitch)

Sometimes it is a quick stitch that is required.  Something that can be completed and framed in days rather than weeks.

That has been the case with this little wedding cross stitch.  The lady getting married joined my team at work with only three weeks to the wedding. There were one or two other things that needed sorting 1st so it was past time to hurry up and be finished before I had the idea let alone made a start.  A quick check on Facebook for the groom's hair colour and stitching began. A hint of pink in the brides dress to reflect the colour of her outfit for the day if not the actual style and the stitching was done.

I have a hand mount board cutter so I could cut the arch on the mount to fit the 3 inch square aperture in the frame.  Tight fit but when you are working to speed and a tight deadline you do what you can with what you have to hand. 

So this is what I have made, a small design from Donna Kooler's 555 Country Cross-Stitch Patterns.

Small wedding sampler.

I hope they like it and the day goes well.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Not just a pretty face

Some time ago a sewing friend was asked to make a rag doll. She happily agreed then realised that the type of face she had previously used was no longer available. Feeling a hand made doll should perhaps have a hand made face she asked me to sew one.

Design picked off the internet I set to embroidering a face.  As she was happy with the result I was not long thereafter sewing another. More doll requests followed and she asked me to show her how to sew the faces for herself.

Doll Face
Here I am showing the stitches for each part of the face.  I mark the design on using  felt tip pens that say "washable" on the box.  They are available at most supermarkets.  So far I have had no trouble getting the ink washed out.

Moving on several months and as mentioned previously a charity event at work was planned. I asked my friend if she would make a doll for me for that. 

She agreed and I sewed another face, she made and clothed the doll.

Finished Doll Face
Here is the finished face, brown eyes to match her hair.

The clothes are all removable as we both agreed clothes that were not had irritated us as children.

Now when making dolls previously they were for friends  and went without shoes, on the expectation outgrown shoes from the recipient would fit.

In this case I thought some shoes would finish off the doll.

So I made shoes out of pink felt with velvet ribbon to fasten them on. 

Pink shoes
Once the shoes were finished, well a lady needs a bag to match (even if a picture of the shoes has just a glimpse of bloomer she is still a lady!), back to the felt and ribbon, having added the bag strap I had a little bit of ribbon left to cover the snap fastening.  

It was not until after I had stitched the covering loop on I realised the significance of the shape I had made in pink ribbon.

It was nice to have a bit more involvement with the doll and not just sew a pretty face.

Complete outfit

Sitting pretty
So I have taken her to work and handed her over to the charity committee,  They were thinking of doing a name the doll game for her..I will let you know how it went when I post about the Christmas fair in aid of SARCOMA UK at the end of this week.  Wish us luck. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Contribution number three

Remaining with the Christmas Fair for SARCOMA, I arrived at work to find a plastic bag on my desk.  Inside eight white felt birds, with embroidery on them pinned in pairs to some ribbon, there was also some white felt and blue felt in the bag.

A bit puzzled I  wondered where they had come from and had I been volunteered to make something else.  

A bit of investigation and it was a donation for me under the "I'm just a girl who can't say no" theme when it comes to material.  A project started on Scandinavian decorations and abandoned.

By then I had it in my head it would be for the Fair.  Took the bag home, examined the bits, made use of the cereal box again for a template and set to.

First I decided to make individual stuffed birds (I had small bits of wadding left from the Christmas Stockings) from the precut and decorated white felt, I used the ribbon for three of the birds but ran out before the last one.

Blue Bird

They looked OK to me so I made four more in blue from scratch, I limited my decorative sewing to white thread.

So, are they two sets of four calling birds or eight individual decorations..we will see when the fair rolls around.  Oh and the original donor, she liked the finished result so much she is considering buying them!

Christmas decorations

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hot Chocolate, cookies and crafting.

Another evening at Church with the ladies, sharing cookie recipes (yes and tasting them too) drinking hot chocolate having a chat and making plates for Christmas cookie sharing.

We had glass plates and festive napkins.  Peel the napkin till you have one ply.  Cut out the bit of the pattern you want (fiddly with it being so thin.) then time for the glue, and glitter if you want.

Cover the back of the plate with the glue.  If using it sprinkle on glitter where you want it.  Place your cut out right side down.  Spread more glue over the back and add your background tissue. Seal it all with glue, let it dry.

Once it is dry trim the edge (carefully) with a sharp knife (we had a scalpel) and the plate is done.  Sadly they can't be washed just wiped.  We all had fun making them.

Close up of wreath
Tulip plate and a stray cookie

Christmas wreath plate

Christmas tree plate

Friday, 14 November 2014

Second can you make question

The second suggestion made by a workmate was for draw string bags in organza.  White organza with silver, intended to hold the handmade jewellery which would be part of her contribution to the Christmas Craft Fair.

So yes I could, made a couple up to check it was what she envisioned and then use up the fabric provided. 

Twenty six bags later (all various sizes) and they all needed ribbon.  The amount it would take was not something she had anticipated, my stash was no use as thin ribbon was not something it contained.

A general shout out at work for thin ribbon and the bits and bobs came in.  There was some fine recycling going on here as the hanging straps from many a top were cut out (on on memorable occasion the cutting took place at work with the donor still wearing her top) and turned into the draws for the bags.

Drawstring bags
 I took the bags in as they were finished (as ribbon was available) so I don't have a picture of all twenty six.  Some are now apparently destined to be reindeer food bags.  I am not convinced the edible glitter will stay in the bags, we shall see.

Drawstring bags.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Quilted Christmas Stocking

So suggestion number one was to make Christmas Stockings.  The lady at work brought in some upholstery weight material in green and gold, some nice beige for the back (left over from re doing some chairs) and wadding too.

I looked at some images on Google then ritualistically sacrificed a cereal box to make a pattern and set to. 

I had a simple plan. Stocking shape in the material with predominantly green colour as the right side, add the wadding with lining material as the backing for that and quilt it.

Cut a rectangle of the same material for the cuff sew it on with the green as accent as the right side, fold down.  Sew back and front right sides together (which also sews in the sides of the cuff). Sew the ribbon for hanging into the seam then turn it out.

And done.
Christmas Stocking

                                                                          The gold ribbon on this and the first few like it was originally wrapped around a large box of chocolates I received as a gift (yum), I do like to recycle things were I can.

Sadly or perhaps fortuitously I ran out of the backing material before I ran out of the green.

So a trip to one of my favourite places to shop, Northern Textiles.  They make curtains, and in the back room sell end of rolls at very reduced prices.

Of course looking for more backing resulted in finding some more green and gold material for the front.

I had picked another material that could be turned for the cuff.  Whilst it was being cut I mentioned there was some material with the right sort of pattern and contrast but it was pink and not in a traditional colour.  The very friendly and helpful lady doing the cutting remarked not everyone is into traditional and that pink might be just the thing and the best seller to boot (that was a pun).  So some of the pink came home with me to and I set to sew stockings. 

The new green material lent itself to FMQ rather than the straight line quilting from the first material, the pink however was just fine with the straight line work. 

FMQ Christmas Stocking
Pink Christmas Stocking
Trio of Christmas Stockings

I had enough wadding and lining material (from my stash), the re-purposed ribbon ran out but I had some nice cream ribbon that worked fine for the rest.  Marathon runners talk about hitting the wall during a run and I hit the wall with my stockings, I am not too good at doing the same thing more than once, in this instance the changes in colour helped me keep going however at 19 my sewing energy all petered out, an odd number (in more ways than one) to feel the need to stop but that.s how it worked out.

19 Christmas Stockings all in a row
 Wish us luck in selling these at the Christmas Fair and raising money for Sarcoma Research UK. I'll let you know if the shop lady was right and and the pink is the most popular.  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

On 9th September I mentioned in my post Ice Bucket Challenge, crafting style that my choice of charity had been prompted by the death of someone I worked with.  Her loss after a short fight with cancer shocked and saddened her work colleagues, devastated her friends and left a gaping hole in the lives of her family. 

A sense of disbelief has pervaded as we have all half expected to see her smiling face, twinkling eyes and to be delighted by her dry wit.  Alas that is not to be, at work our collective grief has coalesced and focused, as such emotions often will, into a need to do something!

So as Christmas approaches on its usual winged feet it was suggested we raise funds for the charity she and her family nominated when declining floral tributes (other than family) at her funeral, namely  SARCOMA UK.  Charity events are not an unusual thing at my place of work although generally they consist of bake sales (also dubbed the trolley), book sales and recently (Great British Bake Off inspired) baking competitions.

I think that perhaps something more personal was required this time to satisfy the yearning to reflect the feeling held.  The Charity Committee suggested a Christmas Craft Fair with items made by all the staff who could contribute and sold to all in our shared use building.

The first item to go into production was the knitted hedgehog, I knew there were knitters but not that there were so many. Theses are just an example of the positive Prickle of hedgehogs being produced. Black, silver, pink, purple, white, sparkly, in small medium and large the needles are clacking them out. However, they are so cute demand may  still out strip supply.

Knitted hedgehog

Knitted hedgehog profile

Whilst a great item, this outlet was not for me, and I wondered what I could make in the time that would appeal.

I asked the question on Facebook quilting groups and suggestions for mug rugs ( how can you make things with the sole purpose of them getting dirty!) or patchwork bags, so that weekend I was mulling that over, thinking what was in my stash, how fast how many?

Monday I come into work and the "can you make" question greets me followed by "I have some material you could use I will bring it in",
The next day the components for suggestion number one arrive along with the material for suggestion number two from a different person.

So personal non-deadlined projects took a back seat and the work for the fair began.  Between now and 28th of November (the day of the sale) I will be posting about the things I have been making as well as (like the hedgehogs) things others are making when I can sneak the odd picture.

On the 28th or as near as I can get it I will post how things went (I might sneak a few no fair items in as well possibly).

If between times you have any ideas (quick becomes more of an issue) I would be delighted if you would share them.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

A little update

Not being chronological in my doings here, I had promised myself I would work on my cross stitch WIP at least once a month.  Promise broken, shame on me.

I have been working on several other things for an event later this month (more on that later) and on some quilting but that is not much of an excuse.

Anyway I have made a little progress and here it is.

A touch more on the blue and some darker tones against the ecru.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat blog hop

Welcome to the next letter of the blog hop for Hallowe'en organised by Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching.  At time of posting I don't know what order I am in the hop so if you arrived here at random and want to join in, use the link on the right hand side to Serendipitous Stitching, start at the beginning and I will see you back here in a bit.

Now the rules for the hopping stops are simple, we share a picture for the theme and pop in the letter to be added to the others collected on the hop.

I had to do a bit of thinking on this one, the only thing I had a picture of fully in theme I shared last year (all hallows eve on 31.10.2013) from my try at pumpkin carving.  Then I remembered an item I made for my brother who is a sound and light engineer.  For a little while his business cards (which were orange, a very hallowe'een colour of late) bore the legend "sound wizard".

So I made this for him and I think the wizard (on 18 count and originally intended as a book mark) looks suitably scary in his purple (another hallowe'en colour ) robes.  The musical notes on my version were stars on the original design. I had no picture of the finished item, got in touch with my brother all digital due to distance and asked did he still have and if so could he take a picture.  A happy yes to both (it lives on the wall of his home studio) and here he is, Sound Wizard.

Sound Wizard

I can almost hear you asking where's the letter and the link to the next step.  Well you have kindly hopped into my blog world and here is the reward.

and now you have it added to your word, just hop on this link to keep your journey going. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Jo's 500 Followers Blog Hop - Becca

 500 thats a big number and the land mark number of followers Jo who can't think of a clever nickname from Serendipitous Stitching has reached.  To mark the occasion those of us who were able to do so are taking part in an impromptu blog hop.  The theme is very King and I, "getting to know you", or rather getting to know one of our fellow blog-ing Jo followers.

So I have newly met (via the magic of the blogverse) Becca of Finding Flapjack

So let me introduce you to her, Becca lives in the UK in the bit of the country that falls between the South and Scotland.  I have a similarly North Easterly direction, although a bit more North and East. Becca is an intrepid explorer with the courage to talk about her journeys of discovery in her blog. Now these explorations are not in the main geographical but the rather more scary explorations of self, who we are, who we want to be and the steps to get from one to the other.  Oh and the occasional leap of faith with mini sewing machines.

Becca has a strong positive faith and is open and brave enough to share it. She kindly provides the option of meeting all of her on her home page or just the bits we might be comfortable with on the faith page or the craft page of her blog.  (I am impressed enough with the pages part as my technical bits of blog posting are somewhat slim) OK back to the introduction, Becca and I have a few things in common in addition to the part of the world we live in.  Mothers who make good flapjack, a liking for Dr Who although I am not sure either of us is a Whovian, a strong faith, and an eclectic taste in crafts although we do not share all of those crafts.

Crochet is amongst Becca's talents it is most certainly not one of mine nor is cooking, which the cakes you can view but sadly not taste at Finding Flapjacks indicate is one of Becca's.

We both like classical music although I restrict myself to listening to it, Becca plays violin.  Within our coinciding tastes falls nicely a delight in the lyrical beauty of Isaiah's symbolism and the musical interpretation of many of those words in Handel's The Messiah. 

As part of the 500 hop we are asked to choose a picture of a piece of our own work we feel (having met) our new acquaintance (and future friend?) would like.  I have shared this particular image before on my post entitled Christmas Card Inspirations 12 December 2013 so I won't go into the whys and wherefores of it again however I hope Becca will like my Christmas embroidery which incorporates Isaiah 9:6 into a multi national nativity.

So hop yourself over to Finding Flapjacks  and sample for yourself either your normal faire, be it faith or craft or perhaps the whole smorgasbord of self Becca offers.

And if you did not get here from Serendipitous Stitching hop over there too, meet Jo and the rest of the 500.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dragon Mirror (woodwork)

This involves a dragon design you have seen before (if before you have visited with me) in the posts titled, anyone with ability 13.01.2014 and dragon egg 17.04.2014.

The item in question was made at the same time as my Celtic knot dragon box on my post of 19.01.2014 and was made from the same source wood, scraps of skirting board.

The idea foe this was born from my dislike of throwing stuff away and wanting to do something with the round mirror from a used up plastic compact (not the refillable kind) which I had managed to knock loose when I dropped it.  (I note that when I did not want to detach the mirror one little drop and off it popped, attempts to purposely remove mirrors from their plastic housing have subsequently been less effective.)

Dragon mirror
The first bit was to cut the circle for the mirror to drop into.  Smaller at the front and the full size at the back.  Then to carve the dragon.  Chisels to take away the thickness around the tail then onto the grinders for the rest.

The beads which finish the item off are haematite, a by product of the mining industry this semi precious stone is a favourite of mine.  It is heavy and can be magnetised as it has a high iron content.

The beads are glued on.  

The pink on black flowers you can see in the mirror are the case for my phone with its super dooper digital camera.

Oh and it is about 7 cm wide by 12 cm high.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wedding samplers, cross stitch.

I have made a few cross stitches to celebrate or commemorate weddings.  Most of them small enough for a fairly quick sew to be sure they would be finished on time.  One  made for  two work mates, one for Heather ( from the young women's quilt), one for a child hood friend.  That one was a bit of a giggle in retrospect.  The pattern had white rabbit bride and groom in formal wedding attire, top hat and tails, white dress and veil.  I knew the white rabbits were OK symbolism for that cultural connection,  what I had not considered was the traditional Chinese bridal I was not the only one a bit surprised by that, the bride had kept it as a secret from all.

For my friend with the cross stitching wife I made a cross stitch sampler of the song "in the bleak mid winter" the brides favourite carol sung at their December wedding.  This was not made for the wedding itself as previously noted but as a Christmas gift with wedding remembrance mixed in.

My best efforts however went into the sampler for my best friend, I had lots of notice for her wedding , more than a year to get it done.  I consulted with her for several months over patterns, likes dislikes, suitable symbolism, colours, verses ext.

None of the "for weddings" designs fully appealed to her so a composite was the answer. A picture in the middle from Cross My Heart Inc's Artistic Landscapes, Sunset Silhouette and the verse (Apache Marriage Blessing) which most appealed down the sides, names at the top, date at the bottom.  I worked out the positions for the lettering on graph paper, that felt like the tricky-est bit of all, some of the letters at the top and bottom had to be overlapped to get it all to fit. I sourced the letters from American School of Needlework , The Ultimate Cross stitch Alphabet book by the Kooler Design Studio.  Leaves at the top and bottom of the poem at either side with lilac rose buds ,(the Groom, best man and other gentlemen of the wedding party were to have lilac roses for their lapels) in between each verse.  These were stitched over two to get the proportions balanced.

Wedding Sampler

Here it is before I had it framed, laid out on my bridesmaid's dress with one of the flowers I would wear in my hair. 

It took, from start of the design to completion, seven months and as previously mentioned I had it professionally framed.

Bride and groom

I presented it on their wedding day at the reception. Happily they were both delighted.

This picture of them with their gift was published in Cross Stitcher the following May, which we almost missed, it was a work mate of the groom who spotted it , mentioned it to him and set us all on a hunt to find a copy.  One for me, one for them one for the grooms mother (also a crafter and cross stitcher).  Happily we did find them.

It was rather fun to see it in print, even if they had not included the details about the source of the patterns and had used the time for the whole layout and design and stitching process as if it applied just to the sewing to make it fit with the theme my letter was published under of projects you couldn't put down.

Cross Stitcher May 2003 

Article in the May 2003 Cross Stitcher

I still like the middle picture although the branches on the tree were rather bitty, I hope one day to do it for myself. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge, cross stitch

So the charity theme of 2014 appears, so far at least to have been rather wet and cold.  Both sensations I prefer to avoid, and avoid them I have.

Fortunately for all concerned ,one has challenged me to dowse myself with iced water.  I would have said no, with capitals I will freely admit.

However, the Dragon of Dragon Dreams Inc (find her on Facebook) bless her fiery imagination came up with a way for me (oh and I expect many another stitcher) to join in the world wide charity challenge whist staying warn and dry and doing something we love.

Her "The Summer of 2o14" design  with her signature dragons joining in is a delight.  And it is free to download from the Facebook page with the on-line version of an honesty box.  You download with the promise to donate a $5 minimum (or equivalent) to the charity of your choice.  

The pattern is great, just a few colours so you can stick to the set key or easily change the shade, add some sparkly bits (I added some blue blending filament to the water for mine not that it shows much in the picture) there is room for some lettering, go for Dragon Dreams "Surviving the summer of 2014" or choose something more personal to you or the charity you support.

So if you are visiting my blog, consider yourself challenged to sew nice little dragons and their bucket challenge and donate to the charity your conscience prefers. 

Ice Bucket Challenge
Dragon Dreams Inc

No words on mine yet as I am undecided. Oh and my donation, made in memory of a colleauge  from work goes to SARCOMA uk

Saturday, 30 August 2014

local show 2014

Today is the local craft show, it is not a grand big show but still it is judged and that is always interesting.  There was a lot of changes to the classifications for entries this year.  A new quilting class, when before quilts were grouped into best sewn item, a class that has vanished.

I entered Roses for Helen and the quilt made from the yellow flowers and the bits left over from my uncles quilt, Little yellow flowers.

Roses for Helen
Little yellow flowers

A new class of , crafted animal in any medium was part of the reason Mr Giles Gentlemouse came into being and he also made the trip to the show ground yesterday.

Profile of Mr Giles Gentlemouse
It is always an odd moment handing in entries. My BBF and I have started a tradition, we go together to hand in our entries (this year that was a quilted bag and a small blue/grey camouflage quilt with FMQ) then we head off for a meal out after sneaking a glance at the other entries.

Over dinner we talk about the competition and what we might choose were we to judge, all the time knowing there will be other entries arriving after ours.  We try not to think of the safety of all that work and time as it spends the night under canvas even when we make delivery in the rain or like last night high winds.

Then the following morning (this morning) off to the showground into the tent, eyes peeled to see the results as soon as within distance...and there are cards, what colour means what this year, which item is it on?  All braced to act gracefully in defeat or victory (and make Rudyard Kipling proud IF he was watching).  Last year for me was all the former as nothing placed.

Mr Giles Gentlemouse winner and proud of it

This year, Mr Giles Gentlemouse did me proud and won his class.  Here he is with his winning notice tucked under his arm, looking rather pleased with himself.  Sorry it is a bit blurry I took it from a distance.

No snazzy trophy this year (cut backs) still a certificate from the Mayor and £10 prize money to follow in the post.

As for the quilted item, I could see from a distance that my friends bag and one of my quilts had cards , sadly neither were red.

Green for the bag, and yellow for the quilt.  A closer look and yellow is second and green third this year.

Quilted bag
Yellow trumps pink

So much, once again for my take on my quilts, I would have picked the pink over the yellow. The judges had a different opinion.

The winning quilt, I can almost hear you wondering, so here it is.  The purple one on the left.  I did better with second guessing the judges on this one.  This quilt was already there when we dropped of our entries and it caught my eye then.

Winning quilt

I had no cross stitch finish this year which was suitable to enter.  Perhaps next year .In an interesting twist there was a stall in the "selling" part of the craft tent with four different colour felt bears, three of which had sold by the time the competition prizes were given out.

Take a peek as my post Bear Evolution to see what they looked like and why it was amusing to see them today.