Patchwork Quilts and quilted stuff

Log cabin quilt
Grey logcabin

As with the other pages this is a place to look at pictures.  If you want the story behind any of the pictures just click on the link and it will take you to the post the quilted item features in

Oh this is a work in progress so not all of them have links just yet.

Grey Logcabin

Spiral quilt


Phillips quilt


Spiral log cabin

Spiral log cabin quilted

Spiral edge quilting

Mini quilt
Postage stamp quilt

Flower quilt

Brown and cream quilt

Back of brown and cream quilt

Mary's quilt

Blue and white quilt

Lisa's wedding quilt

Celtic bits-a-quilt

Bouquet quilt

Hidden Star hidden beauty

Mini quilt

Mini quilt

free motion quilting

Split rail

Bits a quilt 

Aunt A's quilt

Uncle E's quilt

Roses for Helen

Christmas stockings

Cat in the Hat

Noah's Ark

Willow fairy

Back of willow fairy

Satin baby quilt

Poppy field cushion

Eddie's quilt

Monument Dragon

Family Tree Quilt

Ivy Leaf quilt

Dragon batik bag

Elephant Batik bag

A Flutterby of Roses

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