Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday stitching todays update

Today was a wonderful day, the chill grey rainy weather could not put a dampener on it.


Because today my mother gave her first talk at Church since she has had aphasia.

It was joyous that she both was, and felt, able to to this.

Here is the update for today, there was a little less time sewing due to the above and the eagle eyed may spot that there has been a little bit of correcting going on as I realised two blue stitches were in the wrong place.  It was a bit of a relief it was just the two blue and not that the yellow was wrong when thy did not meet up quite as expected.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday stitching

Today for the first time I had the honour and privilege of participating in the Remembrance Day parade in my home town.  We were lucky and had a bright dry day, not too cold, just that sharpness of air that is invigorating. 

Marching behind the veterans (impeccably in step and in time, regardless that age was wearying for some and others had disabilities) was a humbling and thought provoking in equal measure.

Do I like poppies because of their colour, their shape or the symbolism I have known for so long.  I am not sure, but today it was with a sense of gratitude I viewed the poppie in its many forms, paper and plastic flowers for lapel pins, brooches, badges, key rings and wreaths.

Now my Father and I were representing the Church at the Parade, which as it was timed to have its silence at 11, conflicted with the meetings, so again my normal   Sunday stitching has taken a break.  However, I felt like doing something when on returning home the wreath laying at the cenotaph was still in progress.

So a little poppy themed stitch, which is not by any means as grand as previous poppy finishes  (poppies     fields ) but poppies all the same was a must. 

 Here it is

Cross stitch Poppy Vase

I shall try to be better prepared for next year.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

From one thing to another...

the need was for a loose button to be sewn onto a coat.  That then required the correct shade of thread.  I did not have just the right colour amongst my thread so that required checking my mothers thread, she tends to have collections of those little spools made just for repairs.

That leads to the boxes she  keeps her thread in and the memory of past makes.

Some time past, I shall not guesstimate how long, my mother was gifted some chocolate ginger which cam in small oval wooden boxes.  

I like boxes and they shouted to be kept an to be made over.  So I painted them with my mothers initial.  I firstly had to paint the top of the box black to cover the original ginger chocolate information.

Then the letter with metallic paint, followed by the vines.  I still think they look good.  I may have painted many more had the chocolates continued to be sold in the oval boxes.  Sadly they were not.