Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hair raising?

This is a project from the past, at a time when I was not taking pictures of my creations.  The recipient has kindly taken a photograph so I have an image to go with my reminiscences. 

My friend chose to be a hairdresser and went to college to train.  How to cut and style and dye and many another trade secret to beautify the world.

She delighted in all she was learning and as her graduation approached I wanted to make something special for her in recognition.

I used a design from a book I had with some tweaks to make it more personal. My Friends initials were H,A.S  so I added the ribbon, silver hair grip and snatch of hair at the top left  to form an H, the crossed hair pins to the right for the A and at the bottom changed the direction of the hair dryers flex to form the S.

The mount board I cut myself, one of my early goes with the hand cutter.  Not too bad and the blue went well with the "comb" in the middle.

This was this first time I had made something to celebrate a profession.  Some years later  H.A.S sister graduated as a nurse and became my second profession design, of the two this felt more individually designed and I am happy to have a picture of it now to refresh my memory.

It is also nice to have this friend and her family living back within walking distance after some years over the boarder in Scotland.