Wednesday 24 July 2024

BFF 16 a return

 it has been three weeks since last my BFF and I managed our virtual sewing session, well we have missed three, this is week four. One week went to my being too tired after a trip to the office, week two to a holiday absence and week three to an important coming of age birthday. Not either of ours, sadly we passed those sort of landmark birthdays more than a little while ago, and the milestone age we are currently experiencing sort of together, as no two women meet this the same, is not feeling like something to celebrate just now.

We were both finding the sewing bug a little absent, but we did sew a little something. It was also a quiet week for things to chat about, I filled empty spaces with my fangirl observations and a laugh about  my managing to mention Forestella at work in a group meeting with the big boss!

So this weeks progress, a tiny bit of  a different shade of green, some white, some yellow and ok look a biggish bit of blue.

I needed that bit of blue,  I'm not feeling this one yet, which might explain why I have used none of my allowed off screen time to try and catch up, that and I need to go thread shopping, which will help resolve that big empty space in the middle. It does look better in the picture than it does to me when I am working on it, so that's something I guess. 

Click HERE to see how my BFF is doing.

Thursday 18 July 2024

Hand quilting a panel

 This is the second pre-printed bought  panel I have hand quilted. It is a different mindset to quilting a patchwork top. In some ways it is freeing as it is just following lines and in others , well you have to decide which lines to sew or not.

In addition, when it is a pictorial image and the quilting will show on the back extra care is needed.


My BFF likes the back for hand quilting, and I would note that when gifting this the recipient saw the back first and was delighted with that before turning it over to the coloured side.

It was nice to gift this, I do have another panel the same but I am sure that the hand quilting placement will be different as I expect my choices of which bits to quilt and which to leave will change.

Friday 12 July 2024

A Relief Society crafting trip

 I may have mentioned before that I did ceramics in my school days and at times I miss it. However, making things with clay once upon a time and painting glazes onto premade items is not the same thing.

So this activity was new to me. Some of the sisters had done this before and of the experience one said "I'm not into crafts or crafty but this was a lot of fun".

Unlike other craft things with Relief Society which are held at the Church and led by a sister who "does" that craft, this was a commercial venture.

Premises in the next town over, we car shared to all get there, minimum of ten people for a booking.

Once there met by the friendly owner operator and shelves of premade pottery items we could then decorate. Prices depended on what you wanted to decorate and there was quite a range to choose from.

I chose a mid sized mug. I wanted something that I could use and which would not just be ornamental.

The process was simple, use the brushes provided and paint the various colours glazes on your chosen piece. You might know this already, the colour the glazes are pre firing does not match how they will look after firing. To help us with that each table had a tile with all of the colours and their names on it to help us pick.

Now I have issues with over complicating things, you may have noticed if you have visited before. So when it comes to something like this I find it hard to strike a balance between something that meets my need for that but can be completed in the time frame. The same thing makes me bad at Pictionary as I want to be all artistically complicated when I should just keep it simple.

I made some small preparations (given I did not know what shape I might have to work on as that varies) and via You Tube Videos made note of  the Korean lettering for Forestella , Soopbyeol, and hijo de la luna and courtesy of google translates, for my name. I was not sure what I would do with them, I also sketched out the Forestella FS logo, the version without leaves. Oh and I took along a set of very thin brushes, I did not know how fine the ones provided might be. I heartily dislike blunt pencils and trying to paint with too thick a brush and if I did end up trying to do lettering well a fine brush would be useful.

So little mug chosen I sat with a Disney style princess and a squirrel, well those were the choices of my table companions. Also chosen by the group were sloths, popular I think three of them, a snail, a unicorn, a campervan.

I am quite proud of myself as I did manage not to overly fuss. I decided on a silver/lavender moon on a dark blue background, with the FS logo in the middle in the same glaze and then the name of the group and of the song in black. How well that will show up on the dark blue should be interesting. Added my name and soopbyeol onto the handle. And I was done without having to rush at all, I resisted the inclination to try and add a figure sitting on the moon, just as well my crescent moons were challenge enough on the night.

This is my mug standing on the tile showing the anticipated finished shade. That very dark blue at the bottom is how my light blue should look.

The FS turned out quite well considering I was working freehand and from a sketch.

It takes a couple of weeks before they are collectable, I would guess depending on how long it takes for the shop to have enough pieces to make a firing financially viable. So we wait to see how things turn out. Will my lettering vanish, or be there if you look but not quite as prominent? Will my silvery stars show, how will the mixed silver and lavender come together on the moon and the FS? Guess I have to wait and see.

So whilst we wait, a version of the song, there are several by the group on You Tube as it is unsurprisingly a popular inclusion in their concerts.

Sunday 7 July 2024

Sunday Stitchings many returns

 firstly a return to blogging this project. It has been a couple of weeks since the last update. I have sewn, but not blogged. Not sure why sometimes my focus goes elsewhere.

All for the cross stitching is finished as is all of the first shade of the backstitching.

The thing is, I am not that fond of backstitching (except when it could more readily be classified as blackwork, weird but true) and this has bitty backstitching and French knots left.

I don't think that lends itself to Sunday Stitching, so this will get finished off separately at some point.

I will do a finally finished post when that is the case.

I will have to decide what the next project will be by next Saturday so it is all set. Not sure if that will be something small like a cover kit, a return to the Country Companions book I was working my way through or another big project, maybe even bigger than this one ?

Oh the other returns, well they were people, the son of Mr and Mrs Family Friends who grew up here but lives far off theses days. Some people who have been a little unwell and missing for the time I have not been posting. Others away and now happily spending time with us again it was a nice way to start July at Church.

I just came across this Song today so adding the link but with no particular connection to the image above or the day.

Friday 28 June 2024

BFF 16 A falling out

 not between me and my BFF, but between my phone and my laptop. It appears to happen periodically, some update on one puts the others nose out of joint and they just won't talk to each other nicely. 

The result, delays in getting the photo for the blog where it needs to be.

So here it is , my off camera work and this weeks session. Neither of which felt at speed, just feeling a bit tired and my thread was also not cooperating, as I did not have a number required to hand. Not sure I may not have it at all and need to order it, or it may be visiting with another project. 

It is nice to have something other than shades of yellow in place.

No SAL next week so click HERE for my BFF's update which is appropriately entitled for both this weeks experience and next weeks appearance.

Sunday 16 June 2024

Sunday Stitchings

 all of the cross stitching is done. I will be making a start on the backstitch next week. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, our church building is at the top of a hill and looks out to the sea at the back.

There is a view of the sea from the Relief Society room, sometimes I can see ships. Today I could see rain, British summer time in full swing. That and the overall theme of the song has influenced the attached sone today. (you have to wait a little for the song to get started as there is an explanation of it first, but there are subtitles for all of it)

There are no lighthouses in sight form this position but we do have a few in the local area.

This is looking nice just as it is, however I am sure that the backstitch will bring it into focus.

Oh and the Forestella song.

Soop Byeol is literally forest star in Korean and is the "fan" name for the group. 

Friday 14 June 2024

BFF SAL 16 a new agreement

 My BFF and I set the rules for our SAL by mutual agreement, we add to them or change them as circumstances require.

This week we agreed that even if I do stitch faster, and I am not sure that is the case anymore, but even so my slice of same but different is going to be bigger than hers.

This weeks progress confirmed it.

So going forward I get as much off SAL sewing time as I like to get levelled up. Not done any extra yet but there is time.

Perhaps to the accompaniment of  my #Forestella  you tube mix. This is a current delight to my ears.

Oh almost forgot, CLICK HERE to see my BFF's progress  and how you can see things in that. And yes I have become a watcher of you tube "nonsense" on the principal that " a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men".

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Sunday Stitching...a late update

 from Sunday, I am having difficulty getting my pictures from my phone to my lap top. Something somewhere has updated, new and improved and messed everything up. No doubt just as I stumble across what it is something else will get "added" that will make new issues.

Anyways back to the stitching, Sunday was our Branch Conference, so I ended up with a little more stitching time due to talk overruns. I didn't mind I was enjoying both the talks and the stitching.

All of the blended thread is done,  there is a little bit of sky yet to do and some white done the left side but still the backstitching comes ever closer.

My friend gave me this and it has indeed been very pleasant to sew so far at least, hopefully that will still be the case when I get to the backstitching.. 

Thursday 6 June 2024

BFF SAL 16 farewell whale

 addition of more stitches and the whale has gone, it was temporarily replaced by Nessie but that did not  last till the end of the sewing session.

The darker shade was living in with Millennium so at first I thought I had run out of that shade.

Click HERE to see my BFF's progress.

Sunday 2 June 2024

Sunday Stitchings the blended bit

 There is one lot of blending in this pattern, white and pale blue in the half stitch sky.

I have waited to do any of it until I could reach and do all of it.

Today I could and made a start.

Still a week or so before the backstitch I think.