Sunday, 24 March 2019

Format changes

Those following via the Google+1 no longer show on the blog page due to the changes to that is vanishing.  Those following via blogger still show.  I am not wonderfully technically minded but if I can figure out a way to better show followers I will do so.

Oh and those comments made via Google plus, well they have vanished too.

Whilst I am making a note of the page rather than sharing stitching I would note that the flag counter and blogger do not always agree where posts are coming from.  So I can see a new country recorded as having been the origin of a visit on blogger yet that country does not show on the flag counter.  Both often show unrecognised or unknown country.

So if you have visited and your flag is not making an appearance I am sorry, doubly so as I like seeing new countries added.

If anyone is a whizz at setting things up I would be delighted at any advice you could give, either into the comments box, or via the e-mail contact box.

In case you were wondering, I still have the cough, however it is getting better to the point that a level of stitching is possible so there should be some updates on projects soon.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

All paused for a cough

yes my gleeful progress on the cross stitch project ground to a halt.  Not as usually is the case because I got tired of the confetti or the blending (tweeding) or even hunting for ninjas.  Not because I made a mistake and needed to give it a time-out till I calmed down sufficiently to sort it out.

No I got



The kind that is not in any way compatible with sewing.

Not of any type, and the medical professional advises it is of a type going around, except it is not going it is lingering, so really what she was saying is it is a type which is lingering around for weeks.

It has already been 12 days of no choice not sewing.

Beginning to wonder if all of my symptoms are now cough related or withdrawal from crafting.

The "patch" therapy of Facebook is not helping with the cravings much at all.

Well I guess I better follow advice, drink lots of water, ect and hope things get better (i.e crafting enabled) soon.  That and watch the Great British Sewing Bee (with side orders of Masterchief).