Thursday, 19 September 2013

Postage stamp quilt.

This quilt was made from a bag of scraps from a clothing factory.  The fabric was from making blouses.  Blue, pink and white, each with a fairly large flower pattern.  The scraps were a combination of the pattern off cuts (the outer boarder) and thin short pieces, I presume edge off cuts, and some sleeves.  The bigger pieces had been cut into hexagons for a flower quilt (not feeling very chronological so will feature that quilt later) leaving little bits. 

I , as previously mentioned am a hoarder and to add to that I abhor waste so small or not fabric = quilt.

I find postage stamp rather relaxing as I do not worry about either matching up the colours or even the points on the blocks.  I like the random aspect.  Although admittedly working with more than one shade of the same pattern fabric does help bring it together.

This quilt was given as a gift to a family friend in appreciation of many years of support and friendship. Indeed the recipient attended my school play (infants) when my mother could not be there so I would have someone I knew to wave at.

Anne with the quilt I made for her.

Now she is a member of the little quilting group I facilitate, and currently she is working on a postage stamp quilt of her own.  Her quilt is destined for her granddaughter.  In keeping with the no waste philosophy (if not motto) of the group the scraps from that form the top for a dolly quilt to go with it.

Anne with the quilt she made

Baby size postage stamp quilt

I love the sense of continuity and community quilting imparts, dual function gifts, warmth for the body and warmth for the heart.  

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