Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Wedding

In my previous post on this topic (The Engagement) I said that I had wedding photographs and a new idea what the end product of the blocks  was going to be, a quilt with lots of picture squares.

It took a little thinking to pick the right image from the wedding, I just wanted the couple in the shot. I had been a proper "woman in a hat" at the wedding and made sure I got my photos instead of being the ultra polite guest with hurried out of frame shots.

There are a few bits in this one I was particularly pleased with that won't show as well in the picture. A tiny bit of metallic gold for the wedding ring, the flowers, the little bride and groom on the cake and the veil.

The Wedding
I was a little less pleased with the side of the brides face where the satin stitching holding down the edge had to be a bit thicker than I would have liked.

So what life event would next make it onto a block? The answer will be on the next post about this project.
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