Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Engagement

Not mine so don't get all excited however, I have been thinking of some friends lately so this appears a good time to share another of those projects that started out with a simple enough plan and then sort of got away from me.

It is more common now than when my friends did it, to make the wedding invitations with a personalised photo.

I liked the picture my friend and his fiancee used so much I did a painted version, then I thought I would do a cloth one and make it into a cushion.

Now this was early on in my exploration of applique and has no padding in it.  I was unfortunately quite pleased with the result even if faces and hands were not quite as I would have liked. 

Now you make be wondering why I said unfortunately, well because by the time it was done I had wedding photos and a cushion was feeling less what this was for and it ceased to be destined for a solitary life.

Given the very lengthy post about  Monument Dragon  I am going to do what this first image lead to in instalments.  Please also keep in mind that this image was completed well before the Guardian Angel quilt for their first child, during the making of the second (William in the Window) and was finished around the time the third child had her quilt (Willow Fairy) and rather before the fourth had his TheThe Castle a quilt
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