Tuesday, 2 February 2016

More technical wizzadry

on the blog, not on the sewing that is.(but if you did want a wizard then click on the link WIZARD Finally got round to adding flag counter. Sadly it can only start counting from today so all the previous interesting places people are from, when popping by to say hello won't show.  I guess I have to start somewhere.

Back to the sewing and I have had a moment of magic. Quilting rows of leaves, five rows, four leaves to a row and with 10 completed it dawns on me that there won't be enough of the thread I am using..oh no.  It was stash thread so no idea about getting more.

Now if I just had enough to do two more leaves (thereby finishing the middle three rows) then changing to a different shade would be less of a problem.

Find some thread that is a close match, in such a lunch half hour rush don't look at it properly and I have machine embroidery thread which is not strong enough for hand quilting, stuck again.

Quilting night at Church, mention my dilemma to my BFF, she asked the colour and produces some thread a half shade darker...yeah! I can get on with things.

So back to the quilt and something (ok probably my parsimonious nature kicking in again) says if you are going to have to mix up the threads might as well use the bit of the original up first.  You just know what is coming don't you?

Had enough of the first thread to finish the leaf I was doing and move onto and complete the other two.  Result!

The thread from my friend will complete the last eight which sit top and bottom of the quilt.  Whilst I am reasonably sure that the difference between the two colours is so slight most won't notice I am still delighted with my magically increased thread.
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