Monday, 22 February 2016

No time for a portrait ?

how about a dragon?

A visiting missionary got his eye on Nantucket Rose and thinking it a painting asked, pointing at the cross stitch, if he sat still would I do one of him.

After some explaining (which was made difficult as the gentleman in question speaks a limited amount of English and I speak no Marshallese) that  a cross stitch portrait was definitely not possible I asked what he might otherwise like.  He said a dragon, that was a surprise, then again maybe the various dragons displayed in the room may have given him the idea.  Then he noted that I had two weeks to do it as he expected to be moving on soon.

This is what I made, just a small dragon with the Missionaries initial (surname) and hopefully it will eventually go home with him to the Marshal Islands.

Little dragon

I tried to find something I could write in the card in Marshallese.  That was more difficult than I had anticipated. I found some single words however, word combinations appear to alter meanings.

I was rather wary of using something without confirmation it was going to say what I meant it to say.

I took the risk and used what I hope were the words for hello/goodby and friend.

yokwe and motta.

I may never know if I got it right .

Joanne P 's question below noted I forgot to say where this design came from, it is from the same book as the witch I made for 2015's  Halloween Blog Hop.  the designer is Barbara Sesock.

He was right about his moving on I understand Halifax will be aiding him with his endeavours to speak English.
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