Saturday, 20 February 2016

Graduation Lion

Graduation Lion
Moving on from The Engagement and The Wedding, this is a composite from two photographs of my friend, his wife and their daughter.

One of the traditional places for graduating students from his university to have pictures taken on the Big Day (other than in front of The Royal Albert Hall were the ceremony takes place) sitting on one of lion statues in the quad. 

We had to wait for a lion to be free (and the other lion to be briefly unoccupied) to get the pictures and with others waiting, the time for posing was limited.  Therefore the good shot with my friend and his wife was not a good one with their daughter and vise versa.  So I put the two together.

The angle of the picture did make my friends foot look a bit bigger than it really is, just a bit bigger mind you.

This picture does not do the lion justice.  This square saw the introduction of padding into the design. And now there were three squares. 
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