Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Stitchings the final grey begins

Yeah! Medium grey finished and onto the light grey.  This shade is going to be a workhorse of the pattern, filling lots of the currently empty spaces.  I have been looking forward to the relaxing feeling of "filling in".

I was thinking today about the effect restricting my sewing to a set day and time has had on the way I approach it.  I look forward to that time, I am eager to work on the pattern and see how much it will grow.  Now this is on a pattern that I would not say is exactly to my taste, it just happened to be there.

Contrast that with a project that I bought because I like the image, that I want to do but took me ages to start for just that reason, it was for me.  I had thought making it the item for the IHSW I would make progress working on it at least once a month.  That has not worked, I wonder if I told myself I was only allowed to work on it once a month  rather than I should it would make any
difference to how much actually gets done?( link to my last update on that much delayed project)

I have a friend who has hit a similar sticking point with just a section of background (sand) on a long team project.  My job has been regular "is it done yet" questioning (oh and washing it once as a mark had produced, why bother finishing feelings, the mark came out) anyway I wonder if an approach of you can only work on it when or for restriction would work any better.

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