Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Trick or Treat blog hop.2015

Welcome to my post for the 2015 blog hop, I do no't at time of posting know the order of the hop. If you arrived here randomly then I recommend a visit to


(the link to that wonderful blog is on the right hand side of my page)
to see what the hop is about.

This year I made something just for the hop. Here she is my 2015 witch. Not quite sure what to do with her just yet.  As you can see I did not quite get myself started in the middle, room for some very small letters perhaps?

Moon Witch

The pattern is from this book, I bought it a good few years ago when I succumbed to a glossy flier for a craft book/supplies club.  Those starting offers were always so tempting .  Anyway this book is one of the more used rather than just looked at occasionally purchases. The many little designs in it have come in very useful over the years. They are detailed enough to be special and at the same time easy to modify the colours to make use of little bits of thread or fabric.  I think it is focused more to the American market as it has a whole section on the State Flowers and it patriotic section is also for the USA with the stars and stripes ext, not a Union Jack in sight.

Anyway back to the hop and the letter you came here with a burning desire to find.

Good luck with the hop and your next destination is

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