Saturday, 30 August 2014

local show 2014

Today is the local craft show, it is not a grand big show but still it is judged and that is always interesting.  There was a lot of changes to the classifications for entries this year.  A new quilting class, when before quilts were grouped into best sewn item, a class that has vanished.

I entered Roses for Helen and the quilt made from the yellow flowers and the bits left over from my uncles quilt, Little yellow flowers.

Roses for Helen
Little yellow flowers

A new class of , crafted animal in any medium was part of the reason Mr Giles Gentlemouse came into being and he also made the trip to the show ground yesterday.

Profile of Mr Giles Gentlemouse
It is always an odd moment handing in entries. My BBF and I have started a tradition, we go together to hand in our entries (this year that was a quilted bag and a small blue/grey camouflage quilt with FMQ) then we head off for a meal out after sneaking a glance at the other entries.

Over dinner we talk about the competition and what we might choose were we to judge, all the time knowing there will be other entries arriving after ours.  We try not to think of the safety of all that work and time as it spends the night under canvas even when we make delivery in the rain or like last night high winds.

Then the following morning (this morning) off to the showground into the tent, eyes peeled to see the results as soon as within distance...and there are cards, what colour means what this year, which item is it on?  All braced to act gracefully in defeat or victory (and make Rudyard Kipling proud IF he was watching).  Last year for me was all the former as nothing placed.

Mr Giles Gentlemouse winner and proud of it

This year, Mr Giles Gentlemouse did me proud and won his class.  Here he is with his winning notice tucked under his arm, looking rather pleased with himself.  Sorry it is a bit blurry I took it from a distance.

No snazzy trophy this year (cut backs) still a certificate from the Mayor and £10 prize money to follow in the post.

As for the quilted item, I could see from a distance that my friends bag and one of my quilts had cards , sadly neither were red.

Green for the bag, and yellow for the quilt.  A closer look and yellow is second and green third this year.

Quilted bag
Yellow trumps pink

So much, once again for my take on my quilts, I would have picked the pink over the yellow. The judges had a different opinion.

The winning quilt, I can almost hear you wondering, so here it is.  The purple one on the left.  I did better with second guessing the judges on this one.  This quilt was already there when we dropped of our entries and it caught my eye then.

Winning quilt

I had no cross stitch finish this year which was suitable to enter.  Perhaps next year .In an interesting twist there was a stall in the "selling" part of the craft tent with four different colour felt bears, three of which had sold by the time the competition prizes were given out.

Take a peek as my post Bear Evolution to see what they looked like and why it was amusing to see them today.

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