Saturday, 9 August 2014

Summer Post Card Hop

Hooray, I got my post card.  I don't know about anyone else but I love getting post, hard copy or via the internet.  I call them "love U's", even the ones that are just after my money. I like sending them too and one friend and I have been exchanging letters for many years.

So when Jo,  set away her summer post card hop and the chance to send and receive postcards I was delighted to join in.  Off went my postcard, picture and message and like a child awaiting Christmas I have excitedly looked forward to the day. (if the link here to Jo does not work, I don't do tech well there is a link to the left of the blog page that does work fine)

Today is the day, it is here, I have my wonderful post card which comes from  Nadine,  and to add to my delight its international.

So here is the postcard I received, breath in deep the scents of this garden, let the warmth and love  it exudes relax you and get sending Love U's of your own to brighten up peoples day the way Nadine just brightened mine.

Could write a book  ... but not in English.... on my garden !
So, just some lines :
Birds and Breakfast with fresh raspberry in a yoghurt ; all day long work and finish to accept wild flowers instead of my failed seedling.
Wheelbarrow race for our 2 years old grandson ; such good things like lavender, thyme, rhubarb for home jam (and chamallow brochette on the barbecue)
kids laughs and crickets songs ; kids mouth and hands covered with blackberries ; plants changing in jungle for playmobil ; four seasons of work and fun and
always something new to discover !

I had a same experience with the heron, more than 80 goldfishes eaten a year and came back for the two big adults it missed the following year !"Here are pictures of a DMC stitching I made a few years ago and of the garden.

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