Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A taster craft

I did promise a patchwork of crafts and have been rather heavy on the fabric and needle side of things for a while now.  So a small patch of something different is called for.

For an activity in Relief Society, the Church's organisation for women, we were asked to bring a glass to "decorate".  A trip to the charity shop for something to use and two large glass containers with cork stoppers caught my eye, one for me and one for my mother they were just the thing.

Arriving on the night it was to discover we were learning glass painting.  A quick demonstration then it was time to design and paint.

The meetings last two and a half hours, that sounds like lots of time.  However, just trying to decide what to do eats into that.

My mother chose musical notes and I bet you will not be surprised to hear I did a dragon.

Castle on glass
Decorated glass containers
Whilst I rather enjoyed the experience and if we had another glass painting night I would attend with anticipation and plans for gift making,  it did not draw me into another craft.

Dragon on glass

Well not just yet anyway?
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