Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wedding bag

My best friend got married in 2002 .(link to the wedding sampler)  We had a lot of fun with the plans for the year before.

One of the things we did to add the personal touch was make dolly bags for bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.  The bags were lined and made out of ivory satin to complement the brides gown.

Wedding bag
Dolly bag

Each bag had the initial of the recipient embroidered on it with a few beads (to reflect the beading on the brides stole).  The embroidery and beading had to be completed before the bags were made up and the placement had to be as precise as possible.

The thread used is Anchor Marlitt, I was familiar with it from one of my Christmas themed stitches.  It is slippery to work with but the results are worth it.  The letters were modified from a cross stitch alphabet

The drawstring were different colours of satin cord to co-ordinate with the participants gowns, green and lilac.

The bag pictured above is mine, and as such I did not do the embroidery on this one, my friend insisted on doing mine.  I did work on the other five, every one was pleased and they did the job on the day.
The bag below is the brides.  Amazing the difference to the colour the light the pictures were in makes to the ivory satin.  The same material was used to make the table cloth for the wedding cake table and a quilted handle for the bridal bouquet (which I, as the bridesmaid holding it for part of the service appreciated too).


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