Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Out of pink comes yellow (quilting)

If you have seen the blog about the quilt made for my cousin you will recall I fussy/fancy cut the roses to maximise the pink and reduce the yellow.

Top pieced
Well that left bits with yellow flowers that, after some thought were the subject of their own fussy cutting.  There were not a lot of pieces nor were they big, but mixed with yellow left over from my uncles quilt there was enough to make a small lap quilt.

Something small enough to have another go at free motion quilting.  It had its moments, when I would forget my hands and not my foot controlled the speed and got some very small stitches.  Or trying to get the quilts bulk (small thought it is) through the throat of my machine.

All quilted
I am quite pleased with the result, possibly even pleased enough to brave it again.  I did better with the flowers on the boarder than in the middle of the quilt.  I expect because I had a little more practice by then and no seams to sew over.

Close up of free motion quilting

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