Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge, cross stitch

So the charity theme of 2014 appears, so far at least to have been rather wet and cold.  Both sensations I prefer to avoid, and avoid them I have.

Fortunately for all concerned ,one has challenged me to dowse myself with iced water.  I would have said no, with capitals I will freely admit.

However, the Dragon of Dragon Dreams Inc (find her on Facebook) bless her fiery imagination came up with a way for me (oh and I expect many another stitcher) to join in the world wide charity challenge whist staying warn and dry and doing something we love.

Her "The Summer of 2o14" design  with her signature dragons joining in is a delight.  And it is free to download from the Facebook page with the on-line version of an honesty box.  You download with the promise to donate a $5 minimum (or equivalent) to the charity of your choice.  

The pattern is great, just a few colours so you can stick to the set key or easily change the shade, add some sparkly bits (I added some blue blending filament to the water for mine not that it shows much in the picture) there is room for some lettering, go for Dragon Dreams "Surviving the summer of 2014" or choose something more personal to you or the charity you support.

So if you are visiting my blog, consider yourself challenged to sew nice little dragons and their bucket challenge and donate to the charity your conscience prefers. 

Ice Bucket Challenge
Dragon Dreams Inc

No words on mine yet as I am undecided. Oh and my donation, made in memory of a colleauge  from work goes to SARCOMA uk
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