Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dragon Mirror (woodwork)

This involves a dragon design you have seen before (if before you have visited with me) in the posts titled, anyone with ability 13.01.2014 and dragon egg 17.04.2014.

The item in question was made at the same time as my Celtic knot dragon box on my post of 19.01.2014 and was made from the same source wood, scraps of skirting board.

The idea foe this was born from my dislike of throwing stuff away and wanting to do something with the round mirror from a used up plastic compact (not the refillable kind) which I had managed to knock loose when I dropped it.  (I note that when I did not want to detach the mirror one little drop and off it popped, attempts to purposely remove mirrors from their plastic housing have subsequently been less effective.)

Dragon mirror
The first bit was to cut the circle for the mirror to drop into.  Smaller at the front and the full size at the back.  Then to carve the dragon.  Chisels to take away the thickness around the tail then onto the grinders for the rest.

The beads which finish the item off are haematite, a by product of the mining industry this semi precious stone is a favourite of mine.  It is heavy and can be magnetised as it has a high iron content.

The beads are glued on.  

The pink on black flowers you can see in the mirror are the case for my phone with its super dooper digital camera.

Oh and it is about 7 cm wide by 12 cm high.

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