Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Contribution number three

Remaining with the Christmas Fair for SARCOMA, I arrived at work to find a plastic bag on my desk.  Inside eight white felt birds, with embroidery on them pinned in pairs to some ribbon, there was also some white felt and blue felt in the bag.

A bit puzzled I  wondered where they had come from and had I been volunteered to make something else.  

A bit of investigation and it was a donation for me under the "I'm just a girl who can't say no" theme when it comes to material.  A project started on Scandinavian decorations and abandoned.

By then I had it in my head it would be for the Fair.  Took the bag home, examined the bits, made use of the cereal box again for a template and set to.

First I decided to make individual stuffed birds (I had small bits of wadding left from the Christmas Stockings) from the precut and decorated white felt, I used the ribbon for three of the birds but ran out before the last one.

Blue Bird

They looked OK to me so I made four more in blue from scratch, I limited my decorative sewing to white thread.

So, are they two sets of four calling birds or eight individual decorations..we will see when the fair rolls around.  Oh and the original donor, she liked the finished result so much she is considering buying them!

Christmas decorations

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