Friday, 14 November 2014

Second can you make question

The second suggestion made by a workmate was for draw string bags in organza.  White organza with silver, intended to hold the handmade jewellery which would be part of her contribution to the Christmas Craft Fair.

So yes I could, made a couple up to check it was what she envisioned and then use up the fabric provided. 

Twenty six bags later (all various sizes) and they all needed ribbon.  The amount it would take was not something she had anticipated, my stash was no use as thin ribbon was not something it contained.

A general shout out at work for thin ribbon and the bits and bobs came in.  There was some fine recycling going on here as the hanging straps from many a top were cut out (on on memorable occasion the cutting took place at work with the donor still wearing her top) and turned into the draws for the bags.

Drawstring bags
 I took the bags in as they were finished (as ribbon was available) so I don't have a picture of all twenty six.  Some are now apparently destined to be reindeer food bags.  I am not convinced the edible glitter will stay in the bags, we shall see.

Drawstring bags.
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