Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hot Chocolate, cookies and crafting.

Another evening at Church with the ladies, sharing cookie recipes (yes and tasting them too) drinking hot chocolate having a chat and making plates for Christmas cookie sharing.

We had glass plates and festive napkins.  Peel the napkin till you have one ply.  Cut out the bit of the pattern you want (fiddly with it being so thin.) then time for the glue, and glitter if you want.

Cover the back of the plate with the glue.  If using it sprinkle on glitter where you want it.  Place your cut out right side down.  Spread more glue over the back and add your background tissue. Seal it all with glue, let it dry.

Once it is dry trim the edge (carefully) with a sharp knife (we had a scalpel) and the plate is done.  Sadly they can't be washed just wiped.  We all had fun making them.

Close up of wreath
Tulip plate and a stray cookie

Christmas wreath plate

Christmas tree plate

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