Wednesday, 5 November 2014

On 9th September I mentioned in my post Ice Bucket Challenge, crafting style that my choice of charity had been prompted by the death of someone I worked with.  Her loss after a short fight with cancer shocked and saddened her work colleagues, devastated her friends and left a gaping hole in the lives of her family. 

A sense of disbelief has pervaded as we have all half expected to see her smiling face, twinkling eyes and to be delighted by her dry wit.  Alas that is not to be, at work our collective grief has coalesced and focused, as such emotions often will, into a need to do something!

So as Christmas approaches on its usual winged feet it was suggested we raise funds for the charity she and her family nominated when declining floral tributes (other than family) at her funeral, namely  SARCOMA UK.  Charity events are not an unusual thing at my place of work although generally they consist of bake sales (also dubbed the trolley), book sales and recently (Great British Bake Off inspired) baking competitions.

I think that perhaps something more personal was required this time to satisfy the yearning to reflect the feeling held.  The Charity Committee suggested a Christmas Craft Fair with items made by all the staff who could contribute and sold to all in our shared use building.

The first item to go into production was the knitted hedgehog, I knew there were knitters but not that there were so many. Theses are just an example of the positive Prickle of hedgehogs being produced. Black, silver, pink, purple, white, sparkly, in small medium and large the needles are clacking them out. However, they are so cute demand may  still out strip supply.

Knitted hedgehog

Knitted hedgehog profile

Whilst a great item, this outlet was not for me, and I wondered what I could make in the time that would appeal.

I asked the question on Facebook quilting groups and suggestions for mug rugs ( how can you make things with the sole purpose of them getting dirty!) or patchwork bags, so that weekend I was mulling that over, thinking what was in my stash, how fast how many?

Monday I come into work and the "can you make" question greets me followed by "I have some material you could use I will bring it in",
The next day the components for suggestion number one arrive along with the material for suggestion number two from a different person.

So personal non-deadlined projects took a back seat and the work for the fair began.  Between now and 28th of November (the day of the sale) I will be posting about the things I have been making as well as (like the hedgehogs) things others are making when I can sneak the odd picture.

On the 28th or as near as I can get it I will post how things went (I might sneak a few no fair items in as well possibly).

If between times you have any ideas (quick becomes more of an issue) I would be delighted if you would share them.

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