Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Show 2016

Ok so I have told you about the show before and there have been several posts about projects destined for the show.

So an update on some of them.  Scotty Dog and Bird on Wire, sadly did not place, they lost out to a giraffe, reindeer and caterpillar.

Origami parcel

My previous success in the wrapped parcel category slid from a first last year to a third for my origami inspired wrap this year. I was quite happy with my crane, goldfish tiny frog and folded flowers.

Origami crane, frog and goldfish
My second entry in this class did not place.

Wedding gift

The free entries inspired me to try some classes never before attempted.  The computer generated greetings card...well that is what it is called.  So I had again, two entries. One based on a photograph taken in my garden with beetles on a flower..this was totally natural and made me smile all day.

Cute as bugs on a flower may have been, it was the The dragon that placed second.  It felt good that this image won a prize as I had not been able to bring myself to risk entering the original quilt in the show (leaving it overnight in a tent)  and it is special to me, as the length of the post about it attests, you have been warned.

Like the flower, Flat santa coned failed to place and The Nativity came second in the Christmas Decoration class.  There was evidence that Mary and Jesus were gaining some particular attention as each time I revisited the exhibit they had moved.  I would place her, baby in arms, next to Joseph and when next I saw her she would be near him but moved.  My BFF suggests people were picking her up to look at the baby.

At least she was not eaten!  You may find that an odd remark  however it relates to another entry, in the chocolate class.  Last year my truffles came first and as I was never good at cooking I was delighted to win in a food class.  The entry is for six chocolates, the judges eat one to judge leaving five.

That is the number that were left when I saw the results at ten in the morning (they came second this year) when I went back at two for the presentation there were only four left.  I shall take it as a compliment that they looked good enough to pinch.  The other entries appeared to stay at five, no filching.

Now this may sound strange but to my utter delight I did not win the cross stitch class, I came second (not sharing the picture of my entry yet it is to be a gift and the giving time is away is not yet here). So why delighted with a second place?  Because my BFF won the first place, it is great!

The deserving winner

Right I think that leaves the other new category I  tried, again to entries in the jewellry making. Now to display them nicely I also made stands out of cardboard and will freely admit that I was almost as pleased with the stands as I was with the jewellry items themselves. Now of the two I had a favorite, evidenced by the number of pictures I took of it, you will be able to guess. Here they are, the blue beads were another gift from the downsizing crafter.

Wire wrapped hematite

Beaded necklace

The wire wrap at the back

Yup you guessed it, I like the wire wrapped pendant, so it makes utter sense the judges liked the beads better, the beads came second, the pendant did not place.

Altogether out of twenty entries across ten classifications I got first and second place in one class, second place in five other classes and third place in two classes. Not to bad a day.

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