Friday, 2 September 2016

A beaded item...

one of the classes of competition in the local show this year is a beaded item.

So what to do for a beaded item..I recently shared a previous beaded piece I had completed (I-could-make-that ) and noted I wanted a beaded item for the show.  Something smaller, a lot smaller and perhaps more beads less threads.

I was not sure what to do and then the thought popped into my head, right off the Facebook page where someone was sharing "sewing notions" they liked, which included a scissor fob and a scissor pouch.

Oh a pouch, doable and usable. Found a simple pattern based on a folded square.

Take the square of material, line it, fold it into triangles and there you have it. 

 Well sort of....

My BFF and I don't share the same birth date but we pick a day and call it our official joint birthday. This year My gifts were craft themed, a colouring book (oh pattern source for the future ) colouring pens (design tools) and a fab bag (the better for transporting crafts). My BFF apologised that she ran out of birthday themed wrapping paper when it came to the book and had used brown paper instead.  Silly, it counts as a present that brown paper does.

Here is the first use of it, the pattern for my scissor fob, both the folding plan and how my dragonfly (still got a dragon in there) and flowers would fit to the finished shape.

Scissor pouch pattern

The bits with the pencil squiggles would go under the flap and so had no beading on them .  The split into bits dragonfly needed the top wings highlighting so I could recall for the beading which bit was which.

Here is the design part worked and on the hoop.

I did not take a picture of the finished square before folding. I used cream raw silk for the outside and purple lining material for the inside.  Each scraps from earlier projects bridal-bouquet and elephant-bag and of course were scraps from wedding/ bridesmaids dresses I was given.  So Stash reducing.  The beads, a combination of e-bay buys, and gifted stash from a downsizing crafter (also the source of the cord). 

So here are many pictures from many angles.  I am rather pleased with it. Can you tell?

Front of dragonfly scissor pouch

Four part dragonfly flap

The front again

Scissor pouch with tassel

Add caption

The back of scissor pouch..BIG

This is a bit like the little bit at the end of the credits on a you stuck it out through all the pictures and I remembered that the tassel I bought in America many many moons ago. There is a crystal on it at the front and an iridescent bead matching the dragonfly's head on the back. The flap fastens with a small clear press stud.

I might do the basic design again, bigger, this is just the right size for my little crane embroidery scissors. Then again, I might not. As for this one and the small scissors that go in it, well they are going to live with one of my long term projects that occasionally makes an appearance as part of the IHSW
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