Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Flat Santa cone'd

Another kit from Cross stitch Crazy (211)and a new medium for me, vinyl aida.  The kit contained patterns and makings for a Santa and a Fairy.

I have made the Santa, he starts out flat and looking a little odd.

Flat Santa

Cone  Santa Ornament 

Then turned into a cone he looks a bit more the thing.

Now I won't be turning my back on normal aida but this stuff is quite fun to use.

Santa's back

Oh and that is not quite the end of this post, the kit also provided a needle, now either I don't know my own strength or this is the softest needle I have ever used.  Never before have I had a needle bend like this. Madly it became an obsession to finish the project with the same needle I started with no matter how much it began to bend. Threading it was the hard part as the bend also became a twist.

Bent needle from side

Bent needle from above.

As with the penguins in my earlier post, the Santa Cone went into work to participate in the Christmas Charity day.  However, I did not find quite as sparkly a resting place.  Instead he sat atop of a jug of roses that sits on my desk (there are many many of these jugs of roses through the office courtesy of a senior manager) 

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