Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Scotty dog

Earlier I shared the little quilted bird that I will be entering into the animal class of the local show.  The entries are free this year (but just two per person per class) so I was wondering what else I could do.  An Internet search under felt animal (I have some gifted felt)and there were lots of delightful designs to inspire in all shapes, sizes and level of complexity.

After something to stitch and watch the Olympics at the same time simple appealed. I downloaded patterns for a dinosaurs, kangaroos, a squirrel and a dog.

Scotty Dog felt

You will have guessed from the title of this post I went for the dog.  Not just because it looked like being the simplest but because it called to me on some level.  Perhaps it was the delight of the blogger offering the pattern that she had expanded her flat dog to one with two ears, four legs and capable of standing up.  Crediting her design evolution to the inspiration of another. You can see the women's team gymnastics on the TV in the background in a few of the pictures here.

So here is a picture of the source design (click on the designers name for a link to the home blog where you can get the pattern) by Jenny Allsorts

Softie Scotty dog by Jenny Allsorts 2 May 2006
Mine is a further variation, let me explain. I cut out the pieces from my gifted grey felt and started sewing using thread inherited from my Aunt.  I started with the head gusset going from the nose over the ears and down the neck. Off along the back round the tail added in the leg gussets. A bit of stuffing to tail and ears while easy to reach (scraps of wadding from my quilting) I was then going to go down the face. However the two un-sewn bits of the face hanging apart at the jaw gave me an idea.  I added in a further gusset to the front of the face.  I like the effect. I have not tried to show a pattern for it as it would be difficult to show the correct size without adding it directly to the source pattern. It was fairly simple to do a diamond shape to fit.


So tiny buttons for the eyes (from my grandmother's button box) a scrap of ribbon saved from a something into my ribbon box a little tag from E-bay and entry number for this class is two is completed.

No name for this little chap as yet, any suggestions?

The End

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