Monday, 22 August 2016

I could make that

Now there is a dangerous remark to make.  I said it in an art shop in Berwick as my friend admired a velvet and beaded wall hanging, with fronds and large leaves (which was rather expensive).  To which she replied that would be great do you think you could use an old velvet skirt I have to make it?

And so another project was born.

The skirt was plum velvet, pencil style, made with three panels,  a little shaping at the waist and a waist band.  The three panels gave me the idea of a triptych.  A surprise find of beads on sale at a local DIY store the next step.

I have a certain sense of accomplishment with this piece as the bird design that forms the largest panel in the middle is mine and not something I have copied from someone else.

The shape formed by the crossed beaks being my subtle nod to my friends initial and (That difficult to find letter as I have mentioned before)

The fish however are from a children's colouring book, which as I am sure you know is a wonderful source of designs.

The outlines of all the elements are couched, with the most heavily couched area being the feet.

The only part of the original skirt not used was the zip, the waistband made the hanging loops.

The beads catch the light, which my pictures do not show too well

Although pleased with the end result and fully intending to do a beaded "something" for myself I had not until recently been inspired by either material or design.  However, it has not been an old velvet skirt which has set me on the beading route again. Rather it has been the local craft show, free entries and a beaded item class just waiting to be entered.  That is a story for another day, after the show in September perhaps.
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