Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Elephant bag, free motion quilting

About 24 years ago my mother and I went to a class on batik.  My mother decorated a panel with an elephant, I made something else (you have probably guessed right but that is for another post some other time).

Elephant after free motion quilting

I came across the elephant tucked in a bag waiting for something to happen.  

What happened was some free motion quilting, borders, sides and back, lining and handles.  Embellished with beads and buttons to produce a...drum roll..bag.

Not quite big enough to put an Elephant in but it is BIG.

A prize winning bag as it turns out and all the materials to make it apart from the buttons came from my stash of stuff so a stash busting bag too.  A double win.  A triple win would be using it to keep more stash in however, the bag belongs to my mother, she plans on using it to keep her new quilt in when not using it on the bed.

So from languishing in a bag, it now is a bag.   
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