Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bridal bouquet or Wedding quilt number three

In my haul from Mr Wedding Dress Man was some raw silk material, I liked the colours but was not too sure what to do with it.  I mulled it over for some time but remained uninspired.

Then another quilting book prompted me into action. Maggi McCormick Gordon's The Quilting Soursebook has a logcabin block with wide strips on one side and thinner to the other giving the optical allusion of a curve.

To my mind that meant I could do flowers, logcabin flowers.

Raw silk logcabin

I did not get enough of a curve to the logcabin itself to fully get the effect I was after so I quilted flower shapes to try and get the feel across.  Next time I try a curved logcabin I need to make the difference between the thick and thin strips greater.

The backing is cream, and the binding is in cotton, I was quite please how close a match it was with the green raw silk.
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