Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wonky quilt

 On the theme of learning to love, one Saturday I thought I might try a shoo-fly block using some bits of various shirt fabric.  My first go with triangles.  It kept my hands busy whilst I watched a version of the 39 steps, funny how things like that lodge in my mind.  I only did three patches, and some pieces for the next one put it away got involved in another project and forgot about it.

Some time later looking for material for another project I came across them again and decided to finish it as a small quilt.  So with six variations on the basic shoo fly a bit of sashing and I had a top.  None of the edges was the same length but I kept going. I quilted it with Celtic Knots I sized myself based on some basis knots, where the sashing met. 

Celtic Knot quilting

The corners of the binding went horribly wrong and getting completely frustrated and out of sorts the only solution I could think of was to make little corner caps out of two hemmed triangles.

All in all I was less than satisfied with the result. My friend said she liked it, I thought she was being nice and mentally labelled it that wonky quilt.

Wonky Shoo-Fly Quilt

 I entered it in the local show (this was chronologically before the hidden star quilt previously mentioned) because it had been finished and with a bit of persuasion from my friend .

If you have read my previous post with reference to the fair you no doubt suspect what is coming next..yeah Wonky quilt won a prize!

So OK, Wonky is growing on me but I still don't have the reaction to it that others have.  When doing a display of my various quilts at Church as a prequel to starting the quilt group, of all those of my quilts displayed this one generates the most favourable comments.

Perhaps it is friendly and not intimidating in its very uniqueness and lack of perfection.  One day it will have grown on me till I love it and call it Wonky with rueful affection and not my original dismay .

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