Saturday, 8 March 2014

Paper Dragon

Some years ago, more than a lady likes to admit, I bought some Chinese paper cuts, two butterflies for my mother, a pair of red dragons with flaming pearls for me and some coloured dragons destined for my brother and his girlfriend.

Now these were done on tissue paper and very delicate but they inspired me to have a try myself. I found a design I though would be compatible and with curved nail scissors and a craft knife set to.

It was fiddly and occasionally awkward, the edges of the paper (in my case a mid weight writing paper) did not always cut cleanly but still I got there in the end.

I mounted my new creation on black construction paper and popped it into a 4 by 6 inch snap frame. Although I occasionally contemplate having another try so far I have not found a design to inspire me to do so.  Not for me or for anyone I know.

So here it is my rather European style Chinese paper cut dragon.

Paper dragon
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