Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wedding quilt number two

I had always liked the look of wedding ring quilts, but looking was all I felt up to doing.  Then in Paulette Peters' book Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Curved Piecing, I saw a half way step.  Page 40 had a double wedding ring table runner.

It consisted of three interlinked rings with the edges of rings linked to the sides.  However the curves were one piece not made up of blocks in the traditional way. I thought it worth a go.  This would be my first attempt at curves.

Not all of my curves were as flat as could be and getting some of the corners into place had less to do with precision than they did to fairly forceful persuasion.  It might have been easier with a lighter weight material, ah well!

My best friend had married earlier that year and of course what design could be more appropriate. However, as table runner, I decided not.  So I set the table runner into the middle of a large piece of material to extend it to double bed size.

I marked out circles on it to follow the lines of the wedding rings in the middle. Embroidered their initials and the date into the rings and was satisfied with the result.  The quilt was the couples Christmas gift that year.  I have not attempted this design again, nothing has inspired me to do so, but I still feel a sense of achievement for having done a double wedding ring quilt even if it was a cheat version..  

Simplified double wedding ring quilt

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