Sunday, 23 March 2014

My first IHSW (international hermit and stitch weekend)

So my first weekend to be officially dedicated to stitching and I almost forgot!  Not that there was no sewing at all, just I got all quilt focused again and worked on finishing a little quilt top rather than getting any cross stitching done.  However on the last day of the weekend and having at last remembered I was determined to get some cross stitch done and something for sharing here.

So at last I have started a project which has been waiting for a very long time. I had made a start years ago but after a couple of x's in place realised that linen was not going to work and even-weave was required.  Move on a few years and eventually I buy some even-weave and I have mislaid the pattern.

Time passes and I find the pattern again and I can't remember where I put the even-weave.  More time still no progress then I locate both at the same time, pattern and fabric, put them together and do nothing with it!

A bit more time and I get up the nerve to cut the fabric to size and get the masking tape on the edges (I rarely use a hoop for cross stitch, holding it in my hand and I prefer masking tape to hemming the edge) and ready to start.  But I didn't, start that is I put it off again.  You would think I did not want to do it, I do just having waited so long it has become a little ominous rather than welcoming.

So here it is my start, not a lot is there, but there is something and I have promised myself that I will at least work on it once a month during the IHSW to keep me going and hope it does not take as long to sew as it has to get started.
Close up

Making a start

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