Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Graduation a portrait.

Graduating students have a formal portrait taken and my friend send me a copy of his.  Now this is the point at which the project started to morph once again.  I decided to do a block using the portrait picture.  However this time, given the subject matter the likeness needed to be better, the increased size helped but it still took more time, quite a lot more time. 

The face had an adjustment or two after I started to get the eyes right.  I had marked the face out with a yellow washable pen.  It took more than a few washes for it to come completely out and until it did he had a decidedly jaundiced look

Once again I used padding, although it was even more marked in this instance, and gold metallic thread for his wedding ring and silver for the ring on the other hand. 

I also included in the top right the coat or arms and motto for his university.  I was rather pleased with it when it was finished but the time taken had eroded my plans for the blocks becoming a quilt. 

 It would probably not have been finished till he was ready for his pension.

I have managed with this picture to cut off the top of his head gear!

Graduation Portrait

I had planned block with images of his homes, a world map with little stars for places he and his wife had lived or visited, blocks with the other children in their growing family..oh yes I had lots of plans.  It would have been an amazing thing (as is the way with projects in my head). However the reality of it made me realise it was just not going to be practical. 

So was this the place to stop, with quartet of blocks? graduation lion, the wedding, the engagement and this one. No, as I had another picture, both my friends had been students when they met and married, so there was another copy of a graduation picture I had received, and that is a story for the next post on this project.
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