Saturday, 12 March 2016

Graduation portrait two

So on to the second graduation portrait, I had set myself a high standard with the first which made this one daunting, it had to reach the same level.  I found my first bit of procrastination in trying to find the shield/motto for her university.  A more modern institution to her husband's, I never did find one, I guess it did not have one.

Then it took a little while to sort the material for her dress (I went with satin) and the colour of the hood, they were so close in tone.

Sort out the order for assembling tack it down and start the detailing.

The eyes on the first portrait went too well, I was nervous it would not work out this time.  I worried without cause, I feel that the eyes here turned out exceptionally well.  Therein I had a problem, I worked on the eyes early on, a mistake, those eyes were full of mute accusation..why because she had no mouth.  Not for a short time for a long time. Everything else was getting stitched.  Hair, tassels, hands, rings (more metallic thread) collar bone everything and anything not to do the mouth.  Teeth, that is what scared me, and open smile with teeth.  First attempt was carefully unpicked, as was the second and third.  I just could not get teeth to work, there would be months between working myself up to another attempt, or was it years.  

It was easy to let other projects elbow their way it, take priority be started and finished and still those eyes watching... 

At last I reached the only logical conclusion, don't do the teeth, let the eye and brain of the viewer fill it in.

I think it worked. I think it became an equal companion to the first portrait.  A fitting reflection of the  equal partnership in this marriage. 

So now I had five blocks, what was I going to do with them. That required some thinking and staring at the blocks,the engagement,the wedding,graduation lion,and graduation portrait  and some more thinking and staring.  I will leave you thinking about what you would do with them and tell and show what I did in another post later.
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