Friday, 23 January 2015

Big owl (cross-stitch)

Some years after completing the little owls,(small-owls.) having collected several larger patterns of owls but not sewn them (although one did inspire my pumpkin carving)  I bought a DMC kit Barn Owl-La Chouette as the combination of image and colours appealed to me.

I noted there was silver metallic thread and could not make out what that bit was on the picture and looked forward to finding out where it would go.

Always intended for my mother as a gift I worked on it in secret and it grew quite slowly. This is the owl in who's feathers bears and horses appeared and then were absorbed.patternicity

Barn Owl

The silver thread, not sure if you can see it here but it is spider web.

The owl now takes its turn with Nantucket Rose, The Castle and my Christmas embroideries on the wall in the living room.
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