Sunday, 4 January 2015

A sense of deja vu and celestial bodies (cross-stitch)

Another new year, the second since I started this blog.  My how the time goes, and not always on the things planned.  I did manage to get a couple of things finished.  However, as is always the way, those finishes feel outweighed by the unfinished or little progressed items and the new year starts with a determination to do better this time.

Given I never promised a blog in chronological order I will for this first share of the year go back in time.  The first item of interest to me is an old (and I do mean old) Christmas card I found in the loft whilst looking for something else (as is always the way) I had thought the card long gone.  It was the starting point for my Three Kings embroidery (shared 2013 under the title Christmas Card Inspirations) and other than, ohps!, more confirmation that I am less organised than some give me credit for, it is interesting as my interpretation is more different that my memory has suggested, especially all that red . Still no details as to the designer but the card was sold in aid of Oxfam and from Mr and Mrs Doctor friends of my father.

Christmas care, an inspiration

So as I took down the Christmas card embroideries for another year I determined to make some progress on Hark the Herald Angels.  I am 98% happy with the adjusted design now, a little more contemplation and it will be time to transfer it to the material.  That last 2% will be changes and alterations in thread choice and stitch direction as I go (judging on past experience with the others) wish me luck, the last one took seven years once I started stitching, I have spent that long trying to settle on the design this time round so goodness knows how long I will be a stitching it.  I have a fancy for incorporating DMC light effects into this one and perhaps using the Anchor variegated threads I received from a cross stitch magazine (a tale for another time) but nothing made firm yet.

Oh and the second element of the title, a long ago gift made for my BFF at a time suns and moons and stars as a decorative motif had not moved from the arty hippy fringes to become mainstream (and have since passed out the other side) and my friend was very fond  of them.  This is on 18 count navy and started life as a book mark design (from the same set of bookmarks as the Sound Wizard in my Halloween entry for last year),  I adjusted the mount myself so it would sit in the frame I had.  This is a new picture taken for the blog, and happily evidences that special people do appreciate, keep and display the things we crafters make for them.

Sun and moon and stars

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