Thursday, 31 October 2013

All hallowes eve

A Halloween charity day at work included a pumpkin carving competition.  I had never tried carving a pumpkin before, I did not realise how much easier it would be than a turnip, I vaguely remember trying that as a child and barley managing a grimacing Jack-O-Lantern face .  So wanting something a bit more stylish I started my pumpkin too early. Based on a cross stitch design I had see in a Magazine the owl appealed to me. This picture was taken a day after I finished carving and it looks reasonable.  Sadly by the time the competition came around it was starting to shrivel and the lid did not fit so the light spilled out.  No prize winning entry this, it was beaten into submission by a crisply carved witch which deserved to win.   I did not even get a pie out of the endeavour!

Hall-owl-een carved punpkin

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