Sunday, 8 December 2013


Do you occasionally look at clouds and see pictures in the shapes, at knots in wood or the swirls in a carpet and see a face or a sleeping dragon.

Carpet dragon
Don't worry its is not being crazy it is a trait most of us have, our brains trying to find meaning in patterns. the familiar amongst the disordered.  There is even a word for it.

OK bear with me this does have something to do with crafts, on several levels.  On this occasion however, it is to do with an evolving cross stitch.  Quite often I see in the initial stitches, as a pattern evolves, an image the designer never intended.  Generally this alternate image is subtle, add a few stitches and away it goes and I am the only one that saw the horses head or the bear in the middle of an owls feathers.

This design however was so very uncannily other than its final intent I was not the only one to see it, so I took pictures of its evolution. Not something I have done with a cross stitch before.

Dancing E.T ?

Dancing E.T with fox

Still the look of E.T but add the deer

a touch of red

an E.T begins to morph

hat and all

in to a snowman

For anyone interested in making their own morphing E.T Christmas cross stitch, the design is Midnight Snowman by Dimensions, the gold collection petite and is 7 by 5 inches.  I had it as a kit which included the little bit of blending filament in with the white to make the snow glisten. 

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