Monday, 19 January 2015

Eyes of Green

Green eye
In my post 'not just a pretty face', I told you about my doll making friend. Each time I have sewn a face, I have checked the hair colour and asked what colour eyes to do.  I have done blue eyes and shades of brown yet all the time what I very much wanted to do was green.  I like green, it is a favourite colour of mine in all its many shades.  However, for many it is considered an unlucky shade so has not made its way to a dolly's eyes.

This time was different, the doll was destined to wear clothes made from my friend's husband's shirt (she had been after cutting it up for dolly clothes for some time) and it has green in it.  So with instructions to do a face to go with the clothing material I at last got to sew eyes of green.

I passed the finished face back before Christmas presuming the doll was destined as a Christmas gift.

Have you ever heard the story of the builder commissioned to build a house, and who after building it was gifted the house to live in?  Depending on the teller of the story and the point they want to emphasise, the builder either cuts corners and now knows he has an under specification house to live in, or has done a splendid job and is delighted with his new home.

Green eyes
Of topic, nope, I was glad that I had maintained my standards in this doll face as with giggles and a large grin my friend gave the finished doll to me.

So not only did I get to sew the green eyes I had always wanted, I got to keep them to.

You will note that I have yet to add shoes and a bag.  Mulling over the colour to use perhaps!

Oh and just as a tease of things to come (I most earnestly hope this year at last) these are not the only eyes of green I have sewn.

Mystery green eye 
Although not just sewn in this case.

Since this post was originally published the mystery has been revealed at ( Once upon a time)
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