Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas elves big and small

I did not make theses elves. The first one with its ping pong ball head was made by my mother.

Big Elf

He was a project at a Church meeting. The arms and body are pipe cleaners covered with felt.

The hat, tunic, hands and feet are felt as well.

The elf has been part of my Christmas memories for years, since I was a child.

So, when I had the responsibility of the children's section of our church some years ago I decided it would be a fun thing for the children to make at Christmas.

I had no ping pong balls to hand but I did have some wooden beads. There was a bit too much sewing in the original design for the time the children and I had but there was the wonderful invention of the hot glue gun. (with very careful adult supervision)

Even so covering the pipe cleaners was going to be a bit much as well so coloured pipe cleaners would have to suffice.

The children on the day worked carefully to make their elves, chatting about what they would do with the finished item.

A brother and sister each worked on their own  elf, the boy stating his would go to grandparents or perhaps his mother or.... various other options.  His sister made no comment.

Little Elf
After they were all finished and were to take their completed projects home the girl handed me hers, I said it is yours, you made it, it is for you to keep. "no, yours" she said most firmly.

Being a bit slow I asked don't you want to take it home for your mother or father.  Tearful now she said rather quietly
"want you to have it" 
penny dropped and I realised she thought I was rejecting her gift.

I thanked her and said I would be delighted to have it and promised it would join its bigger fellow with our family decorations.  Satisfied , she gave a firm nod and off she went.

Little elf made the journey home with me and has ever since kept his bigger compatriot company.

That first year my brother spotted the addition and exclaimed..

"Where did the mini me for the elf come from!"

That little girl is 17 now, I wonder if she recalls the elf or my promise?  Not that it matters if she does or not, I remember and big elf and little elf are still keeping each other company in my home every Christmas.

Friends together

Thanks Olivia

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