Friday, 6 December 2013

I saw three ships..but no one else will

I saw some illustrations of nautically themed plates in a magazine. You know the type of advert, collect all the plates with the pretty pictures and have a valuable heirloom collection for the future.  Well the pictures I liked but not the idea of the plates.  So I thought I would sew some.  There were three of the series of designs that called to me.

I bought the frames first, three white stretch frames to make sure I had the same size and type of frame for the whole set. Then I set to sewing the first one.  The colours were tricky, the stitch angles were trickier and the rigging was the trickiest of all.

Whilst happy with the first finished ship my enthusiasm for the next two had quite sailed away. So although the plan was for three to quote an unrelated film..there can be only one!

Tall ship

Ok, so there is one ship and one boat, but just the one embroidery. It is about three inches in diameter and yeah the sky was green on the original design.  The next one would have been an Arctic exploring vessels but the thought of all those shades of white...

I have yet to use the two round frames I had left over. 
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