Monday, 30 December 2013

Pyrography - Star Wars

Death Star
I decorated this wooden art compendium for my friends son. 

If I had been doing this for Christmas 2012 the box would have had something related to Thomas the Tank Engine on it.

Now, although Thomas remains a fond friend the denizens of George Lucas' Empire have moved to the forefront.

As you may be able to tell from the name on the box, Phillip is more fascinated with the 'dark side' characters at the moment.

So in addition to knowing the names of every engine and appliance of Sodor he is speedily amassing all the names and characteristics of the Empire and Rebellion.

I am quite please with my latest wood burning attempt and happily Phillip was as well.  He is delighted with a box the contents of which he can use to make his secret plans for domination of the Galaxy. Ohps, thats just between us you understand.

The image is from a free colouring page for children and the lettering based on the font used in the films.
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